EN 9100


Georg Martin GmbH intensified the strategic focus in the aerospace industry. Since decades, the establishment has maintained the performances and the best contact with the manufacturers and the system sub-contractors in the aerospace domain.

Moreover since June this year, Georg Martin is now certified according to the aerospace quality management systems EN 9100. For this reason, the company can point up the compliance with the high quality requirements in the international aerospace industry.

Georg Martin GmbH has already contributed significantly since the year seventies in the formation of the quality norm for laminated shims, the norm LN 29557. It is issued in the past and corresponds technically to the successful composite material structure M-Tech®L (formerly Laminum®) to this day. M-Tech®L shims are used among others nowadays in the fuselage or body construction of the planes and the space crafts. Georg Martin manufactures the highly-precised shims for the tolerance compensation of the mechanical components in the component assembly. They simplify the mounting process, reduce remarkably the mounting time and the costly mechanical adjustments which are needless.

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